Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

As a young adult in this decade, you have to deal with some really intense stuff.

The world’s expectations — and even the pressures you’ve learned to put on yourself — are a weight on your shoulders that’s hard to carry. Not to mention dealing with the totally unobtainable standards of social media… feeling like you don’t measure up, or worse, having to deal with the aftermath of a post you had no idea would cause so much disaster.

Your friends seem to have it all so together…

but you feel like a big ball of emotions who nobody seems to understand. They tell you you’re high strung and overly sensitive. You try to make them understand but it pushes them away. Or you try to pretend that everything’s fine but then you’re stuck managing the distress alone. You might be coping in ways that work in the moment, but relief doesn’t last and what helped at first may now be making things even worse.

It’s like, overnight, everything got complicated.

Sometimes the whole social thing feels like you need a PhD in politics and a bomb squad to make sense of and diffuse the chaos. It’s confusing and it’s super exhausting. No wonder you might feel totally burnt out on life when these should be incredible years of getting to know yourself and your unique place in the world.

COunseling for Young Adults in Scottsdale

But you see glimmers of an amazing future — you just need help bringing it into focus!

The passion that comes alive in you when you’re creating something or exploring a new place.

The calm when things actually go as planned and your effort matches the outcome.

The purpose you feel when you’re standing up for something you believe in.

The relief that washes over when a friend or mentor actually gets you.

What if I told you that life could have more of those kinds of days?

With the messy days being fewer and farther between, and easier to manage. There’s a very good chance we’ll discover that traits you previously thought were bad — sensitivity, uniqueness, taking things “too seriously” — are actually positive qualities in the right context. Yeah, they didn’t know the full story… these are huge ASSETS and can be part of your magic.

Everyone has different obstacles to hack, but these are pretty common:

Dating is complicated! How do I know if I’m being needy? How do I tell them I need space? What is a relationship supposed to look like?
How am I supposed to pick a major or a trade? How am I supposed to even know what I want to do for the REST OF MY LIFE so soon?
How do I chase my dreams while handling all of my obligations? Can I even do all of that, plus sleep, care for myself, and have a life?
What if those deeper pieces of who I am — spirituality and values, sexuality and gender, or where I fit in the world — don’t match my family’s ideas for me?
How do I tell my parents and others who care about me that “I need you” and “Back off” at the same time? Can I even feel two opposite ways at once? (Spoiler: YES!)

Imagine if you sort this out early on, how much better life will be…

I’m going to let you in on a secret: People in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond deal with many of these same dilemmas. And sometimes they sort it out. Or they struggle in silence…or quite spectacularly. If they’re lucky and courageous, they come to therapy too. But what if you could get a handle on it now?

Just imagine living through your twenties and beyond being able to get through life’s obstacle course with clarity and ease. You’ll be able to validate and trust yourself, know when you’re safe. To understand your passions and how not to burn out. And to know when to seek support and who to lean on, notice and follow your intuition, and uncover your inner badass.

Therapy is exactly the place designed to help you with all of this.

Jump right in, the water’s fine!

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