Consultation in the Sand

A Sand, Symbol, & Sensory Group for Therapists

Sand Tray Therapy Phoenix - Recourse Counseling

Facilitated by Halina Brooke, LPC.

Sand Tray Therapy Phoenix - Recourse Counseling
Sand Tray Therapy Phoenix - Recourse Counseling


Sand Tray Therapy Phoenix - Recourse Counseling


Sand Tray Therapy Phoenix - Recourse Counseling


You love “taking it to the sand” with your clients.

You see the powerful healing, insight, and growth that come from creating, and witnessing, the worlds they create and the stories and feelings that emerge. The feeling of relief when whatever comes in on the shoulders of a client can be offloaded and explored in the safety of the sand, together, is like little else we draw from as therapists. And it’s just as powerful with adults as with younger clients, if not more.

The past few years of distancing, virtual care, and minimal opportunities for experiential treatments( for the sake of public health and caring for our collective wellbeing) meant that many of us have been away from our trays and miniatures for quite some time. Many trainings were also on hiatus. And as some of us have dipped back into the worlds of sand, we’ve realized a desire to get back to growing and processing with colleagues in this very medium. As such, this monthly clinician group has formed. Take a read, and if you like what you see, join us…


Workshop Group Structure

We’ll take two hours, from 2 – 4 PM on the third Sunday of most months at the Retreat on Tatum, to connect as colleagues and explore symbols, sand, and sensory concepts. The structure will include an icebreaker/opener, brief group consultation, a build and reflection, and a sensory activity to close.


About Build Time

We’ll rotate who builds each month, and it will be the builder’s choice of from where they draw inspiration – within or outside of clinical work. We’ll also rotate who steps into the (primary)witness role and the rest of the group will observe. After the builder and witness complete their process. We’ll then take our mid-group break and, afterward, will come back together to offer curiosity and constructive feedback to the witness and, if requested, to the builder as well.


caring therapist in phoenixAbout Your Group Host

Halina Brooke, LPC, owns Recourse Counseling in Northeast Phoenix, just south of Desert Ridge. It’s her mission in life to support misfits, oddballs, highly sensitives, creatives…and really anyone else with big passions and divergent perspectives as they build rewarding, meaningful lives. She brings a variety of Postmodern and Experiential therapies to her work with clients. She deeply believes in the value of the wisdom they’ve already amassed on this journey of life. When not supporting clients in living their best lives, she can be found spending time with her family, travelling, supporting important causes, and indulging her curiosity in the world around her.



It’s still a pandemic right now. What precautions are you taking?

We’re asking that anyone who has been exposed to flu or covid, or has any respiratory symptoms (including “just” a cold) to please respectfully not attend that session.  However, if you have a chronic cough due to asthma, allergies, or COPD, please reach out because we don’t want to exclude you!

I love Sand Tray/Sand Play, however, I don’t currently use it in my practice due to being virtual or not having the supplies. Can I still participate?

Yes, of course! Attendees might not use sand tray regularly with clients, or in their personal therapy, or with adults (which is what this experiential consult group centers). Or, they might use it all the time. It will be valuable either way!

I trained with _____ at ____ so we might not have the same style of work in the sand. Is that okay?

Your perspective will be great to have! While this group will typically center client-centered, less directive/structured builds and processes, it’s not rigid and having a variety of backgrounds is a GOOD thing! Please come and please share your learning!

I’ve never trained in Sand Tray/Sand Play. Can I still participate?

As long as there’s space, you should be able to join in. Mention this when you request to sign up and we’ll get you some readings and videos. You might sit in an observer role before jumping in, since we’ll be taking turns, and you’re still learning.

I’m still a graduate student or intern. Can I participate?

Of course! As long as you’re working your way toward clinical licensure in Counseling, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Psychology, you’re welcome to participate. We were all new once, and new isn’t a bad thing!

I’m not a therapist or on the path to become one. What about me?

Unfortunately, this group is not a great fit for folks who aren’t in the licensed/clinical mental health professions mentioned in the above question. If you’d like to learn more about Sand Tray Play Therapy you can click here, and if you’d like to experience it as a client in therapy, feel free to schedule a free consultation with me so we can either plan for you to come in or connect you with someone else who might be a great fit!

Is there going to be an opportunity to trade, share, create, or sell miniatures at this consult group?

That’s a great idea! Why not? If you want to bring miniatures to trade, or offer for sale or donation, that’s totally fine! You can set whatever you bring on the snack table in the back room and exchanges can take place after we finish up. If you fancy a space to *create* or mend your miniatures, check out our Craft & Connect night instead (or in addition)!

Do I need to sign up, and is there a cost?

No cost, but I’d love it if you could kick in $5 (or more, or less) to help with water and tea, supplies, and cleaning/space use. But no pressure at all!

Get Creative With Us

So excited for your interest in joining us. Send your deets and we’ll be in touch!