Resourceful Links

These aren’t therapy, but you might find them helpful!

Stay Curious & Care for Yourself…

Self-care goes beyond counseling.  If you need immediate support for something urgent, find community, or just want to learn and grow, check out the resources below…

Hotlines, Support & Local Resources (no insurance needed)

Self Care & Personal Growth Pins

YouTube Channels & Video Resources

For Those Who’ve Been Harmed in Therapy

  • Start by reading my letter to survivors of bad therapy here.
  • Give voice to your experience, help therapists learn and improve, and hear about others’ experiences in this podcast:
  • For support after a traumatic therapy experience…
    -Therapist Exploitation Link Line (TELL) is a peer resource for individuals who’ve been harmed in therapy:
    -PsychCafe is an online forum to unpack and dialogue about therapy, including experiences that are distressing or confusing:
  • Arizona’s has two boards that regulate therapists. Never let anyone pressure you to report or not to report. Here are their links so you can inform your decision and learn what’s required for a report. (Please seek consult and get as much support as you can so you’re not in it on your own.)
    For concerns with Psychologists or Behavior Analysts:
    -For concerns with Counselors, Marriage/Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors:
    -Or Google your state and the word “regulation” along with the profession whose board you’re looking for to find to the right resource if these 2 board options aren’t the right fit for your needs.