Group Therapy & Wellbeing Workshops

Connection is powerful…

Groups are available as an additional service to those already in therapy or as a stand-alone support for anyone looking to deepen their self-care and wellness. They start at various times throughout the year and take place at various practices in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

There’s just something about togetherness…

Witnessing each other’s traumas and triumphs. Amplifying your wins and growth in a group. Knowing you’re not the only one. Take a look below. Check in with yourself.  If joining one of these groups feels like the right next step, please reach out!

Scapegoats and Black Sheep

A New Group for Leaving Family Baggage Behind and Living Your Best Life!

Adulthood has brought you so much freedom and opportunity, but ghosts of the past, and the imposing and insistent ideas about you from childhood sometimes come back and flood you with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, and tentativeness in relationships. You have SO much to offer the world and you’re craving deeper connection, love, and joy. Build that life in the company of peers who’ve been there and get it…

Find Support From Likeminded Black Sheep

Other Groups We Offer

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Charting A Course: Navigating Early Adulthood & Working Toward A Future You Love

Early adulthood can be an amazing time. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to hit your stride. What is standing in the way of you being your best self? Getting knocked off the path, or being unsure of what it should even look like, can make it hard to jump back in, become self-sufficient, and live the life of which you’re totally capable. The term “failure to launch” is, frankly, a bunch of bullshit. Let’s reframe and relaunch!

Daring to Detour: A Creative Space to Reclaim Your Career & Passion

Whether you’re wondering, “How did I get here?” or you know but don’t know how to change direction for a more rewarding path, this group is for you! A strength-based weekly group for self-discovery and peer-support, this group includes guided activities blended with deeper discussions to help you carve out a rewarding career experience and a life you love.

Free Body, Free Mind: Making Peace with Chronic Illness & Body Stigma

Living in a body that sometimes holds you back, or is seen by society as broken or wrong, can be a huge struggle. This group is a safe and empowering space for adults living with a body that creates barriers in life to work together on coping, acceptance, and building resiliency. While this is primarily a process group, a combination of skills and education will also be offered based on the group needs. All sizes, shapes, genders, and experiences are explicitly welcome and valued here.

Breaking Free: Casting Off the Burdens of Narcissistic Abuse

It wasn’t just a breakup, just a “crappy childhood”, or just a boss from hell. When a relationship puts you through the wringer, you might find yourself spinning in circles, wondering what’s wrong with you, and experiencing the added stress of coping alone. If you’re reading this, you already know a little about what narcissistic abuse is; this group will offer you the knowledge to name your experiences, the tools and techniques to move through the aftermath, and the support and validation of a group of others who get it. Co-facilitated with Sonya Andersen-Haile, LPC.

Emerging Therapists: A Process Group for Therapy Grad Students

Whether you were called to this profession by witnessing or experiencing something that left you wanting to help others, or you’ve found this career through another path, the journey to get there can be an intense one. Lean into support and growth with your peers. Build healthy practices of processing what comes up for you in this work and consulting about challenges so that you can be your best therapist self, love your work, and avoid burnout! Co-facilitated with Sonya Andersen-Haile, LPC. We’re both PhD candidates in Counselor Education and Supervision with a passion for helping clinical grad students get off on the right foot with the right support.

Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops are typically a full-day or weekend-long intensive program where we explore learning, healing, and growth in depth. Subscribe to the newsletter to hear about upcoming workshops and webinars. If your organization or community group would like to host a workshop on any of the subjects here, or a related area of mental health, wellness, advocacy, or professional support, please reach out!

Therapy workshops and webinars

Accessibility Matters

Because individual therapy is often prohibitively expensive, groups and workshops are accessibly priced so you can get the support you deserve. If price still remain a barrier, please reach out so we can work together to open this door for you.