Scapegoats & Black Sheep

A Therapy Group for Folks Breaking Free from Family Baggage

The family you land in when you’re young isn’t always a great fit.

Adulthood has brought you so much freedom and opportunity, but ghosts of the past, and the imposing and insistent ideas about you from childhood sometimes come back and flood you with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, and tentativeness in relationships. You have SO much to offer the world. You’re craving deeper connection, love, and joy. Sometimes, it feels like that’s all within reach and you get a taste of that life every now and then…but then the family demons pull you back.

Black Sheep Feels Different Than His FlockThey make you feel like you’re not living up to expectations.

It’s a double-edged sword. You’re not measuring up to what they’ve set out as your life path. Maybe you’re kicking ass out there, but they’ll never see you as capable. Or you know you have it in you to be amazing and feel great doing it, but their biting criticism, unending mockery, or reflections back to you have left you defeated…or even ashamed. Their dismissal has sunken in so deeply that sometimes you even gaslight yourself or talk yourself out of something that sounds exciting or beautiful, or could help others in just the way that makes your heart glow.

There’s blame waiting for you before you even arrive at their door, or even open their texts.

You’re not surprised—it’s been the same since you were barely old enough to read. It was like the judge and jury ruled before there was even a crime. While you’ve learned that there would never be a jump high enough, a logic proof tight enough, or any means of vindicating yourself…you just didn’t imagine it would follow you into adulthood, and the way you show up to other relationships and communities. You find yourself timid, jumpy, defensive, and anxious when you haven’t done anything wrong…and utterly crippled when you’ve made the tiniest mistake. It’s been hard to choose supportive people…and even when those you’ve surrounded yourself with are solid, the past makes you doubt it and you miss out.


I’d like to introduce you to someone amazing - YOU!!I’d like to introduce you to someone amazing.

Their perspective is important, and their presence is matters. Their voice is worthy. Their ideas, fears and hopes make sense. They still have a powerful and accurate intuition, even after all those years of being told to doubt themselves. They would be a wonderful partner, aunt or uncle, sibling, mentor, best friend. And they deserve the same, even if those relationships come from unexpected places.

They wonder if it’s too late to be that person and have that life. It’s not too latenot by a long shot. They have what it takes and they have the foundation within them. It’s been shaken but it hasn’t gone anywhere. They deserve love, acceptance, and a community who gets it.

Plot twist: it’s 100% YOU!

Build that life in the company of peers who’ve been there…

Learn To Embrace Your Uniqueness

Put on your comfiest & roll up those sleeves! What to expect:

– Practice sharing pieces of yourself that may have been dismissed or shut down and be met with curiosity and enthusiasm. And get the chance to offer the same to others.

DEFYING EXPECTATIONS – Explore what it’s like to say no to what doesn’t fit or isn’t reasonable…and put on the shoes that will take you further than your family’s limited ideas about you had permitted.

BRAVING RELATIONSHIPS – Take trusting others and being vulnerable for a test drive.  See how it feels to be embraced for who you are, and practice finding peace when your risks don’t land the way you hoped.

NAVIGATING GRIEF – Let sorrow for what could or should have been, have a voice. Your grief for what wasn’t is just as real as other people’s grief for what was.

JOY WITHOUT JUDGMENT – Uncover and explore your passions without being mocked, ridiculed, or cut down to size. Be celebrated, and celebrate others, without fear of humiliation or rejection.

UPENDING SHAME – Practice giving and getting validation, plus build an arsenal of skills to cope with a shame or self-doubt attack.

CLOSURE, AT LAST – It’s not going to be the words you deserve from those who let you down but it will be pretty awesome. You’ve got to come to group to experience it…

All in a community that gets it, and gets you!

    Your people, and the rich life you deserve, are on the horizon!

    Find Support From Likeminded Black Sheep

    Community is important when we’re making big shifts in life: in mindset, in self-compassion, and in giving ourselves permission to authentically live a life we love. When those shifts require digging deep—like all the way to childhood deep—it’s even more crucial to take this journey in good company!

    And then, the peace you’ve found within the group begins to join you outside as well…

    That sense of confidence you felt when sharing about a win? You feel it expand in your chest as you walk into work later that week. The curiosity and acceptance when you shared about a great new book or your long-time hobby? You find yourself letting a new friend or date into that world. You apply for that promotion, or even that job in an entirely different industry. You decide you are good enough to speak your truth, or write it, to a vast audience or a few deeply important people in your life. You wear that hidden piece of your identity like a crown, even if only in a few carefully chosen venues at first.  You realize: the life you dream of—with the relationships you yearn for—is absolutely within reach.

    That’s how life can be. Yes, even for you.

    Are you ready to give that family baggage a proper sendoff and live a life you love?

    Feeling Sheepish? Some more info…

    When and where is it, and when can I join?

    We meet on Monday nights at The Retreat on Tatum at 5:30 for 90 minutes. New members are welcome to join the first week of the month, providing that there is an open spot.

    How much is it and can I pay with my insurance?

    This group is priced affordably! For your privacy and so we don’t need to use a cookie-cutter approach, we are not contracted with insurance. Our price point is lower than many insurance plans’ copayments for specialty services, though, so we hope this makes us accessible! Reach out for more details.

    I’m really embarrassed about my family situation. How do I know I won’t be judged?

    That’s the beauty of a community like this.  We all have family of origin “stuff”.  Some is with immediate family, some with extended family, biological or adopted family, or some part of a blended or broken family.  This isn’t a group for judgment, or judgmental folks.

    I’m still sort of connected with my family. Can I come?

    Sure!  Society teaches us that it’s an absolute, or an either/or.  However, it’s often a both/and.  Maybe you connect about hobbies but not values, or you enjoy some activities together but don’t feel emotionally safe to be vulnerable, or you don’t want to miss out on your nieces’ and nephews’ childhoods.  You’re 100% welcome.

    I struggle with active and serious anxiety, trauma, depression, bipolar, or other mental health symptoms. Can I participate?

    Many folks who’ve experienced a family like yours are also managing similar struggles. Depending on how intense your symptoms are right now, you may benefit from this group now, or further into the future. Let’s talk it over! It might be best to move through some one-on-one therapy first, or concurrently with attending group.  Remember, keeping things manageable is key—don’t burn yourself out on personal growth!

    Your Host:

    Halina Brooke, Therapist

    Halina is passionate about supporting folks who find themselves in the margins, whether in society, community, or their families of origin. She firmly believes in everyone’s ability to stay true to themselves while building rewarding relationships and living their deepest joy.

    When not supporting her brave clients in trusting themselves and living their best lives, she can be found teaching, engaging in advocacy, and helping other therapists and healthcare providers, compassionately, in being their best clinician selves.

    Halina Brooke

    Your best life is up ahead, along with your people.

    Say yes to yourself, and your community, below.