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An intentional space to share and grow alongside other advancing therapists

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Hosted Halina Brooke, LPC
Therapist | Educator | Advocate

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The Community You’ve Been Craving & Support You Deserve

This is a small (max 10) group that meets monthly to foster support, learning, and connection amongst psychotherapists in training and the early years of their career – as well as those who retain a growth mindset a decade or more in.

The first half is centered on Self of the Therapist, and we will process what came up for us this week: in society, in the professional community or classroom, and in our personal lives. We walk through life as therapists, knowing that not every conversation is the right fit for every venue: the classroom, supervision and non-therapist friends might not be the right space for everything.  So, this is your time to connect lean on each other about experiences related to power, cultural awareness, relationships, identity, and values. It’s welcome here – all of it!

The second half is Clinical Consultation, structured through the lens of Outsider Witness and Narrative-Based supervision practices. This means that we’ll explore cases and clinical interactions in layered ways that support traditional problem-solving and insight-building but also honor the lived experience of the clinician bringing the case to the group. Group norms are also lightly borrowed from the wisdom of DBT “Team” and Gestalt consult groups. No confidential/identifying info or PHI will be discussed.

The group meets the third Sunday night of every month at the Retreat on Tatum from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, with a break halfway through for tea, snacks, and to relax.

Feed your curiosity…

I’m trans, neurodivergent, BIPOC, fat/of size, disabled… will I be welcome and comfortable?

100% YES! We know that society, and our profession, can often be exclusionary, so if you want to talk about it some more before joining us, don’t hesitate to reach out. And if ever anything happens or you notice something that feels unwelcoming, we commit to listening and growing.

Does this count toward my supervision needs? Is it a therapy group for therapists?

This group is a peer consultation and support group, not a clinical supervision group that would count toward licensure. Click here to learn about the differences between group therapy and support groups. Expect to feel supported and encouraged by peers, and to learn from and grow with each other. We hope you come away with lasting friendships and networking partners too!

I am a therapist, but am/was also Halina's therapy client. Can I come?

Unfortunately, Halina’s past and current clients aren’t a fit for this group, and group members will be ineligible to ever become therapy clients of Halina Brooke.  This is because we steer clear of “dual relationships” so we can show up fully and not worry about causing harm or confusion, and so we can model strong ethics.  That said, if anyone in the group needs a therapy referral, we’re really proud of the list we’ve put together and will be happy to give you a copy!

I’m not a psychotherapist. Can I come?

If there’s space available, associated professionals and grad students in areas like speech pathologists, dietitians, nurses, and occupational therapy might be able to join, but please remember that we’re centering on psychotherapy. If enough of you are interested, we’d be happy to start another support group, though, so PLEASE fill in the form below.

Can I bring snacks or fidget items, and can I wear scents/perfumes?

Silent fidgets are welcome and we have a basket for you to choose from as well. Drinks with lids are welcome and you’re welcome to grab a snack during break. Owing to health considerations, no scented items/perfumes, please.

Do I need to RSVP and is there a cost?

Because space is limited, we do need RSVPs, and preference is given to regulars. There is no cost, but a suggested donation of $5 for space use, bottled water, and light snacks is encouraged. For fairness and due to the popularity of the group, a pattern of no-shows or last-minute cancels may result in priority given to others going forward. Also, thank you for not coming if you’re experiencing illness because it shows care for yourself and others!

Meet Your Host

Halina Brooke practices in Phoenix as a licensed professional counselor and serves as founder and director of the Arizona Sensible Therapy Practices Coalition, where she continues her decades-long commitment to advocacy. In a transition from teaching undergraduate psychology lab and within graduate level counseling courses, she is currently building coursework to support clinicians in being brave and well-resourced through advocacy efforts and difficult experiences. Halina uses a blend of strength-based, collaborative, and experiential therapies to support clients in building lives they love and deepening safe and meaningful connection. Her conference presentations span subjects including counselor identity development, trends in global counseling modalities, practical advocacy, ethics and more. As a counselor and advocate, she has a passion for supporting clients and clinicians alike in moving past relational ruptures and distressing experiences in clinical contexts.

Halina Brooke, LPC

Join Your Peers

So excited for your interest in joining us. Send your deets and we’ll be in touch!