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A Time & Space for Advocacy-Minded Therapists

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Co-Facilitated by Dr. Samantha Pieknik, PsyD and Halina Brooke, LPC.

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Counselor Crafting "In Session"


Counselor Crafting w/Glitter Fun


Counselors Creating Crafty Memories


It’s Clinician Craft Time!

This is an arts-based consultation group for advocacy-minded therapists where they can come together to create, connect, and grow. We formed this group because we both love the calm, connection, and joy that come with creating and exploring in the imagination. We’re also super passionate about supporting populations, clients, and client experiences that often don’t have a voice – and we believe in putting our time and effort where our proverbial mouth is. This work can be exhausting, activating, and sometimes thankless, so we decided to offer this dedicated venue for collaboration and supporting each other through craft and play.

We break out the craft supplies and indulge our creativity as we informally process topics related to professional identity, ethics, advocacy, leadership, and clinical relationships. We take a deep dive into sensitive topics, while taking care not to discuss confidential client/patient information. The group meets on the first Sunday night of every month at the Retreat on Tatum from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Crafty Q&A

I’m not really a crafter but your values are definitely my jam. Can I come?

Yes, you’re totally welcome!! You can bring a project to work on, pull something out of the fidget basket, or even get into the art supplies with no judgments or expectations to make anything. There’s even an adult coloring book if you’re so moved.

I’m totally a crafter but advocacy and leadership aren’t really my thing. What about me?

Well, that depends. If it’s because your values align with helping our professional community be at its best and empowering the marginalized, but you think making a difference means doing huge, technical, extroverted things…you should totally come! Your heart is in alignment with the values of the space, and we can connect over finding meaningful and sustainable ways to live those values and not burn out. If, however, advocacy and positive change in the professional landscape aren’t of interest to you at all, it’s probably not the right consultation group for you.

I’m trans, neurodivergent, a POC, fat/of size, disabled… will I be welcome and comfortable?

100% YES!!! We know that society, and our profession, can often be exclusionary, so if you want to talk about it some more before joining us, don’t hesitate to reach out. And if ever anything happens or you notice something that feels unwelcoming, we commit to listening and growing.

Does this count toward my supervision needs? Is it a therapy group for therapists?

This group is not structured clinical supervision that would count toward licensure, nor is it therapy. It’s a collaborative peer consultation group for advocacy-minded, visionary therapists who are passionate about both the clients we serve and the professional community we call home!

Can I bring my own project? A snack? A playlist?

Indeed, you can! If you have questions, please reach out and ask. Almost everything is welcome… except client PHI and loose glitter!

Do I need to RSVP and is there a cost?

There is a limit of 8 attendees so we have wiggle room to craft, so yes, please RSVP. The suggested donation is $20 (which all goes toward supplies) or you can bring something on our craft supply wish list. : )



therapist consultation craft group phoenix

Meet The Facilitators

Halina Brooke, LPC

Halina Brooke, LPC

Halina Brooke practices in Phoenix as a licensed professional counselor and serves as founder and director of the Arizona Sensible Therapy Practices Coalition, where she continues her decades-long commitment to advocacy. In a transition from teaching undergraduate psychology and within graduate level counseling courses, she is currently building coursework to support clinicians in being brave and well-resourced through advocacy efforts and difficult experiences. Halina uses a blend of strength-based, collaborative, and experiential therapies to support clients in building lives they love and deepening safe and meaningful connection. Her conference presentations span subjects including counselor identity development, trends in global counseling modalities, practical advocacy, ethics and more. As a counselor and advocate, she has a passion for supporting clients and clinicians alike in moving past relational ruptures and distressing experiences in clinical contexts.

Dr. Sami Pieknik, PsyD

Dr. Sami Pieknik, PsyD

Dr. Sami Pieknik is a licensed clinical psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona, providing individual therapy to children, teens, and young adults as well as workshops to colleagues. Dr. Sami has 12 years of experience working to support neurodivergent individuals. She obtained her baccalaureate degree from Arizona State University, and both her master’s and doctoral degrees from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology (ASPP). She has an extensive background in psychological/neuropsychological assessment, autism assessment, and in working with neurodivergent folks across the lifespan and in a variety of settings including inpatient residential, home-based therapies, community mental health, and in private practice. Her goal is to meet each client where they're at in a way that is unique to them, and offer supportive, affirmative care while incorporating individual interests and needs into therapy. Dr. Sami incorporates an eclectic approach to therapy and utilizes play-based CBT, ACT, relational, and person-centered therapeutic techniques as indicated for each client.

Get Crafty With Us

So excited for your interest in joining us. Send your deets and we’ll be in touch!