Life Path & Career Counseling

Burned out and unfulfilled?

Guidance on choosing a career pathTrying to decide what to do with your life and nothing feels quite right?

Maybe you’re one of the many out there who’ve rationalized staying in a career or job where you’re unhappy, or have avoided making career decisions at all… but now it’s reached a point where you just can’t any longer.

It sounds like a perfect time for a change.

Life path and career counseling can help sort things out and empower you to live a life you love. A life where you can earn the living you deserve, make a lasting impact, and be excited about every day!

But counseling is for emotional struggles…how can you help with career stuff?

Believe it or not, the counseling profession was founded on career counseling!! We have a legacy of offering empowerment and incredible tools to aid in the life path and career process.

By choosing a qualified counselor to move through career angst, you know you’re in good hands, no matter what comes up. For example, if you experience a trauma at work, struggle with mood or anxiety issues, are navigating family struggles or grief, or walk through the world with neurodivergence, those things can impact your career/life satisfaction. If you were working with a career coach instead, they might not be able to help you make sense of how these layers of your life might be impacting your career or to help you manage them separately as well.

Common career counseling topics

Here are a just a few of the struggles that bring people to seek career counseling:

Bursting with amazing ideas but feeling powerless to influence anything
Coping with a soul-sucking boss: a self-esteem death by 1,000 papercuts
Knowing you aren’t living your values and can’t recognize yourself
Running on fumes, either approaching a crash or living in burnout
Feeling like there’s no exit, or grave consequences if you try to leave
Wanting to make a difference but not knowing how to leave your mark

How did I get to this place of dissatisfaction? I feel like I just blinked and here I am…

Seldom does anything have one cause, and career confusion and life discontentment are no exception. It started out with the messages we heard in childhood that made proclamations about who we are and the ideas that family or school pushed about what we “should” want or strive for. Then came the limiting stories that society told us about our class and position in life and what our trajectory was supposed to look like. Add to these the present-day barriers such as financial, health, and childcare hurdles, and it’s easy to see why we might find ourselves looking for direction.

Don’t worry though – we can rewrite these experiences and create newer, more supportive ones. YOU get to decide on your value, your values, and your own self-appraisal. Career and Life Path Counseling is about getting to know yourself better AND authentically creating and living a life you love.

Transformative Career Counseling PhoenixTrekking this trail together is a collaborative process.

We get these messages about doing what we love, what we’re good at, what pays the bills, and what makes a lasting impact. Just like one relationship can’t (and shouldn’t) meet all your needs, neither must your job or career. If your work life offers something amazing in one of these areas but you’re craving fulfillment in another, we can get creative about it.

­You’ll work hard, get curious, and hone in on your values and interests. You’ll uncover your goals and find ways showcase your talents, face your fears, and take real action to get there. We aren’t just musing over the what-if’s – this work is about transforming and making real and meaningful changes!

A sustainable career and a life you love are within reach.

Whether you’re at a fork in the road not knowing which way to go or your current path isn’t taking you where you’re truly meant to be, I can help. It’s your time. Let’s talk.