Therapy with Halina Brooke

You deserve authentic connection and real support.

It’s important that someone cares about you — not just your hurdles and challenges but your passions, dreams, character, and the experiences that ultimately blended to create you! 

You’re not coming in as a blank slateyour strengths and insights from everything you’ve already navigated are a big deal. We’ll celebrate those and build on them. And if it’s hard to see the strengths within you, I promise they ARE there and we will find them. When you bring a struggle, we’ll unpack it and when you bring a victory, we’ll fully harness the win and use it to keep moving forward.

Uncomfortable stories won’t scare me away.

You aren’t what happened to you and you aren’t the choices you wish you could change. Whether navigating the lasting impact of trauma, finding yourself powerless in a situation, or coping with the consequences of past mistakes, it’s common to feel controlled by feelings of shame, fear, confusion, hopelessness, and angst.

In our process together, you’re safe to unpack difficult situations.  Your experiences have imprinted ideas on you about who you are, what you can achieve, and whether you’re deserving of the relationships, career, and life you want. Context always matters and seldom does anything have only one cause, or just one solution. I will offer you an unconditionally open space, free of judgment and assumption, to share openly so we can define new narratives to move forward in ways that better serve you. 

Arizona Therapist Halina Brooke

My commitment to you…

Therapy can be amazing, or it can be a disaster—I’ve experienced both. I strive to offer my clients a supportive experience by:

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Keeping my caseload small, so all clients get my best and everyone gets 100%.
Centering you, not just as the expert on yourself, but as a wise and worthwhile individual who has what you need within you.
Taking the standards of practice seriously, which means following the Arizona Statutes & Rules of Practice as well as both the ACA and AAMFT Codes of Ethics. As an Associate Licensee, this also means I have a supervisor who I meet with regularly to review and discuss the many pieces of my practice: clinical work, record keeping, my media, and more.
Yielding and listening, especially when you’re sharing about something that I’ve missed in our work together. Whether it’s a piece of your story or experience I didn’t quite get or a layer of your identity I might not have understood, I am here for all of it - for you as a whole person.
Staying open to, and actually inviting, feedback and check-ins. This is your therapy and we steer this ship together!
Committing that if you’re of a community, ethnicity, identity, or culture of which I need to build greater understanding, that I will never pressure you to use your session to teach me. I will instead educate myself between sessions – being respectful of you and your time.
Practicing strong self-care and nurturing my own relationships, life, and commitments so that my personal “stuff” doesn’t spill over into our time together.
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Leaning in and trusting a therapist is a big decision…

…and you deserve for it to be an empowering one. Above everything else, therapy is a relationship. Learning a little more about me can help you make an informed decision about moving forward together.

I’ve always found myself drawn to supporting others in moving past their distress and living their passion. Since 2003, I have been helping others tell their stories and bring their dreams to life: in higher education, advocacy endeavors, and media projects. And, knowing that I’d need the framework and credentials to be able to offer a deeper and even more transformative experience, I jumped back into school to become a therapist.

And now, in training as a Counselor Educator, my work is a blend of therapy, teaching, research, and advocacy. Being a therapist is the piece that draws most of my energy and it’s also the most rewarding—it’s a privilege unlike any other to be there alongside a client as they grow and thrive. I love where I am, but it’s been a heck of a journey to get here. If you looked at my resume, you’d see a BS in Anthropology, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling, and a PhD in progress. I’m also on the Arizona Counseling Association’s Board of Directors as chair of the Advocacy Committee. But that’s not the whole story…

While growing up was full of learning, relationships, and lots of new experiences, it was also home to some intense distress and confusion. I was a creative kiddo full of laughter and curiosity but was also hyperaware and highly sensitive. I picked up on way more than I could make sense of and “took things too seriously.” Over time, while juggling other responsibilities and with some incredible support, I was able to see the assets to those pieces I’d once seen as obstacles.

Even so, I also sometimes struggle with procrastination, imposter syndrome, and worry – along with all of the feelings that come along for the ride. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace and navigate struggle in ways that don’t crowd out the good.  And that’s made life, relationships, and new adventures all the more meaningful. It takes a lot of practice, compassion, and acceptance. Especially acceptance.

And that’s what I hope to offer my clients – the space to get to know yourself and your relationships with rich curiosity and warm acceptance.  And to be there with you as you create that space to offer these to yourself as you move through the world, deepen meaningful relationships, and live your joy.

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Lesser-known tidbits about me…

I have a legit love of primates – they’re so expressive and they tell us so much about being human. My favorite is the Brazilian Titi Monkey because, just like we hold hands, they twine their tails together and it is adorable.

Just like us… some primates live in groups, are pair-bonded, prefer solo living, prefer daytime, or nighttime, and come in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of personalities.

If not out on an adventure or spending time with friends, it’s likely that I’m being the squeaky wheel for a good purpose – my friends joke that I was born on a soapbox and, as long as it’s about opening doors and making my local or professional community even better, they’re not wrong.

Ready to connect?

Please reach out to take the next step on your path. Or, if you have a few more questions for me, no problem! Click below for a consultation so you can learn more before jumping in.